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29 Apr


The Law Offices of Jason T. Corsover serves to help Floridians who have suffered serious accidents and personal injury. The firm has been in practice for over 10 years and handles cases ranging from car accidents premises liability to dog bites, nursing home abuse, and wrongful death. Due to founding attorney Jason Corsover’s love for people, the firm is characterized by quality service and personal attention. Anyone who has been seriously injured due to someone else’s negligence can turn to the firm to help them recover compensation. Learn more by visiting today.


Attorney Jason T. Corsover is a personal injury attorney and founder of the Law Offices of Jason T. Corsover in Plantation, FL. He represents clients who have been injured in car accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, dog attacks, negligent nursing homes and hospitals, and other such circumstances. He has been in practice for over 10 years and is licensed to practice before both State and Federal Courts. Mr. Corsover has a love for people that drives him to work hard toward the best possible outcomes for his clients.


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Prevent Yourself From Being a Medical Malpractice Victim

16 Sep

It is a travesty that medical malpractice cases occur as often as they do. Many of these incidents could have easily been avoided and should have been avoided by a medical staff that was properly trained and cautious. While medical staff do receive extensive training, there are instances where they can falter in their judgment, may not give enough attention to a patient or can fail to correctly follow necessary steps in a procedure. For any number of reason a patient can leave a hospital worse off than when they entered. It is important when you do seek the attention of a medical professional to not always assume that they will be as prudent as necessary. You need to take steps to look out for yourself and this can include the following:

  • Ask Questions: Make sure you understand what is going on and that you talk with your doctor about the details. You want to know as much as possible since you are the one being affected.
  • Give all information: Don’t hold back anything from those who are going to be looking after your health. While a detail may seem small to you, it can have a significant outcome. They should be fully informed so that they are as prepared as possible. You may be taking a drug for something that you are embarrassed about and you assume that it won’t influence your case, when it may actually be causing certain symptoms or could mix wrong with the treatment the doctor prescribes.
  • Educate yourself: Don’t just take your doctor’s word for it. Get another opinion or read up on what they are telling you. They may be overlooking details or failing to do further testing in an attempt to move on to the next person. More than just educating yourself on your health concerns, also educate yourself on what the potential problems can be if medical staff fail to carry out their responsibilities correctly. Knowing what to look out for can help save you from an injury.
  • Remind them: When you go in, don’t just think that they remember all the details of your situation. Remind them of the problem, where it is occurring, medication you are on, allergies you have, etc. This is true if you are undergoing a surgical procedure. While you may seem silly reminding the doctor which side to operate on, there are many cases where they do perform the procedure on the wrong location. You can’t be too cautious in these situations.
  • Have someone there: Since you might not always be in a location or position to make sure that you are being adequately cared for, have a friend or family member there with you who can raise concern if it is necessary.
  • Get recommendations: Don’t just go to anyone to take care of you, even if it is because they are on your insurance plan. You want to shop around like you would for other important items. Read reviews online, talk to friends and find out the results and success that the doctor has had. If you are going to let them care for you make sure that they have a background that strengthens your confidence in them. Don’t assume all doctors are the same. Find one that takes the time to avoid errors and who pays close attention to the details. This can save your health and even your life.
  • Talk to other staff: If you are at a healthcare facility where there are others present, talk with the rest of the staff. This may be a nurse that is checking in on you but they may be able to double check that things are running smoothly. Be friendly when talking to staff and the doctor so that you have an ally in your healthcare who is looking out for your good.

If you or your loved one has already been the victim of medical malpractice, then do not wait to turn to our office and get the representation you need. Your medical care may have been inadequate but you want to make sure that your legal care is not. Call us and we can discuss your case, and can even help provide clarity on whether or not you have a claim for compensation. Get in touch with our Ft. Lauderdale personal injury attorney immediately or visit our site for further information.

Tow Truck Driver Fatally Injured

8 May

This past Saturday an accident occurred involving a AAA service provider and a member of the program. While situated along the southbound lane, in the emergency section, the service provider was struck by a car that veered out of their own lane and into the emergency lane. The tow truck driver was originally working on a car that had caught fire around 3:00 a.m. in the morning. The driver of the other vehicle took off, leaving the tow truck driver with fatal injuries. Police are looking for the driver and any information that can lead to their identification. Local authorities continue to stress the importance of move over laws and it is incidents like this that are a reminder of just how important it is to take driving seriously.

Service workers that are positioned along the road deal with a large number of injuries and accidents from drivers that fail to pay attention or that are driving under the influence of alcohol. Tow truck drivers, paramedics, construction workers and others deal with considerable accidents every year that could have been prevented if negligence was avoided. While a hit and run is a crime, it is also grounds for a personal injury case for the injured person or the family of a wrongful death victim. Compensation may be due for the hospital bills, funeral costs and pain and suffering. In a wrongful death case where a family member was dependent on the deceased individual for income, compensation may be sought for current and future lost wages. For representation in an auto accident case, speak with a Ft. Lauderdale injury attorney our firm as soon as possible. Accident victims and their families should not have to suffer any more than they already have and we make it our position to

Recognizing Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

8 Jan

When our loved ones enter into a nursing home, we hope that they are taken care of in a way that we are not always able to provide for them. Nursing homes offer a variety of services depending on the location; providing medical attention, meals and additional care to elderly individuals that may not be able to care for themselves on their own. While there are many homes that offer a high standard of service to patients, there are still countless cases of abuse each year. Many incidents of nursing home abuse go unreported because no one speaks up for the victim and they may be unable to speak up for themselves. Sometimes the victims of abuse may fear that no one will believe them if they do make a report or they may be mentally unable to do so. That is why it is so important for others to take note of any signs that may be evidence of further issues.

Abuse can show itself in many forms; one of the most evident ways is through physical signs. This can be bruising, broken bones and other injuries which may be the result of more than just a fall. Types of physical abuse can include pushing, hitting, slapping or restraining. A worker may become agitated or overworked and can lash out at patients as a result. This behavior should never be tolerated and the elderly individuals should never be left as the victims. When you do observe any physical signs of abuse, it is important to inquire further and not assume that it was just an accident. The victim may be unwilling to present the information on their own but once they are asked about it they can become more willing to discuss it. Abuse can also be emotional and it is common for many nursing home residents to face treatment that causes internal scarring. This may be the result of yelling, insulting, embarrassment, threatening and blaming.  The elderly individual can be left feeling helpless and uncared for. Emotional damage may be noted by the victim become more excluded from others, more reserved, more aggressive, a change in eating behavior, changes in their personality and other abnormalities.

Abuse may also include neglect and passive behavior can be just as damaging as outward abuse. Neglect can include avoiding the day to day care of a patient. They may be left in their bed, unfed, not showered and not provided for medically. Not only can it leave them feeling forgotten, it can lead to serious health risks. Sexual abuse can also be recognized through emotional and physical signs as well. When you believe that a nursing home patient is dealing with abuse, it is often best to report the incident. It is estimated that around 1 out of every 14 elder abuse cases are reported to the authorities, while many of them go unaddressed. If you or a loved one has been a victim, turn to a caring Ft. Lauderdale personal injury attorney the Law Office of Jason T. Corsover, PA as an advocate.

Under the Influence Driver Injures an Officer and Kills a Motorcyclist

6 Dec

Steps are being taken forward in one case involving a 23 year old woman, BM. She was accused of driving under the influence and causing a vehicle accident as a result that left a sheriff’s deputy facing injuries and killed a motorcycle rider. The event took place in May of 2011. The suspect had originally been taken into custody by officers and was in the back seat of a the officers car when she worked her handcuffs off, slipped out of the car and got into her own vehicle, a Dodge Ram pickup. She started her car and took off, with officers trailing behind her. A deputy stood on the truck and attempted to grab the keys out of the ignition but was thrown from the vehicle instead, suffering a cuts on her arm, a concussion, the breaking of her left tibia and other injuries. When the case went to court, the officer stated that she was pushed from the truck, rather than simply falling. A tow truck driver that was a witness on the scene also stated that the officer said that she had been pushed from the car immediately after the incident.

The suspect claims that she was high on prescription drugs at the time and did not recognize that the officer was on the truck. While tests found that she did have drugs in her system, it is still being inspected of whether this was enough to cause her actions. She claims that her recollection of the whole event is not clear. The chase began in Pasco County and continued until Hernando County. They went for about eight miles and reached speeds as high as 100 mph. The chase ended when the suspect ran through a red light and his and killed the motorcyclist. BM has been sentenced with 15 years in prison for the chase, but is still awaiting the outcome of first degree felony murder charges for the death of the 67 year old victim.

While cases such as these may leave the perpetrator with a criminal charge, the victims and their families can still be left dealing with the ramifications such as medical costs and the emotional trauma. In a personal injury case, both the injured party and a family that has lost a loved one through death can potentially seek damages for the impact on their life. If it can be established that the person in question acted negligently or recklessly and it was these actions that led to an injury, then the court may choose to award compensation or an insurance company may agree to pay it. When involved in any type of accident that was the fault of another person, turn to The law Offices of Jason T. Corsover for a devoted attorney that will seek a successful outcome to the very end.

The Impact of a Wrongful Death Case

27 Nov

After an accident it is possible for any level of damage to have resulted. Victims may walk away with little more than bumps and scrapes, while others can require immediate medical attention. Countless people face injuries every year and some of these will remain with the victims on a long term basis. In many situations the damage is serious enough that it ends in a fatality. Not only has the victim lost their life, their family is also left to suffer the effects. The main thing that they will deal with is the emotional pain of losing someone that they love. On top of this are a number of other outcomes that can be challenging to deal with alone. Financial costs can often result from a wrongful death case from a number of sources.

Those killed may have required medical treatment before passing and the families can face hospital bills. There is also the cost of a funeral and the average runs at over six thousand. Families can be left struggling with this expense while still bearing their loss. Additionally, some families will be left without the source of income and the deceased individual may have been the main earner. There can be children and a widow that relied on them financially and now they have to figure out another means of meeting their daily living costs, on top of the medical expenses. As a family that has lost a loved one through the fault of another person or company, there may be valid grounds for compensation to be sought for the impact of an accident. Speak with a member of The Law Offices of Jason T. Corsover as soon as possible to begin moving forward with a legal case. 

Couple Killed During Cruise Outing

23 Nov

One couple from Florida, JM and SB, recently faced tragedy when their vacation turned deadly. While on a cruise to Mexico that left from port in Ft. Lauderdale, the couple saw the sites and did some of the tourist activities. One of these included riding a dune buggy on the sand. While driving, their vehicle slammed into a metal guardrail. Both JM and SB were believed to die instantly at the scene. There were other passengers in the car, including the driver and two of their friends. They were fortunate enough to only sustained minor injuries. It is believed that the driver of the dune buggy lost control, though the reasons for why haven’t been confirmed. It is unfortunate that for many individuals, couples and families, their vacations can end in hardship. Even on a cruise there are countless dangers that can lead to personal injuries.

While some of these accidents may be a simple mistake, or can be the result of the injured party’s error, sometimes there are other individuals that are responsible. While this case was not an activity planned by the cruise ship company themselves, there are still many incidents in which activities that take place on or through the cruise ship company are what leads to an accident. This includes slip and fall accidents, food poisoning, medical error from an on board doctor and more. This can be a challenging situation since a victim may be far from their family or normal health care physician. There can also be a significant cost from medical bills and other expenses that occur. If you or your family member has dealt with an injury caused by an accident on a cruise ship, you may have a legal case for compensation. To get started, contact The Law Offices of Jason T. Corsover